Looking for magic

Last night, I sat outside and watched the moon. The clouds rushed over it, bringing the sky from light to dark and back again. I was surprised by how quickly they moved. Suddenly the clouds were gone, and the sky was bright. I blinked and the moon swam in my vision. It seemed like the universe telling me Something’s coming. Don’t look away.

The best way to get out of the rut I’ve been in is to move through it. To let myself be slow, but not stuck. To look for magical things. Earlier this week, I separately thought about two people I hadn’t seen in years, who don’t even know each other. Then today I saw them sitting next to each other in a coffee shop. My past keeps showing up, reminding me that the world isn’t as vast and unknowable as it sometimes seems. I can find my way around.

I’m living at home right now. Driving anywhere in Sonoma County, I see the sloping golden hills that have known me since I was little. I’m thankful for a December at home. I’m gearing up for something new, but for now, I’m taking a moment to watch those big, beautiful hills turn green.

What I’m reading

Poetry for what comes next. This comic that I show my friends to make them cry happy tears. A Holocaust story I had never heard before. The Good Place is really about rethinking policing and prisons. “You have to have the confidence to say ‘I don’t know if this is going to work, but this is what we’re going to try.’” Gay American Girl dolls.

What I’m watching and listening to

The trailer for the In the Heights movie (12 year old Kira is crying about this and 22 year old Kira is… also crying). Decoder Ring’s deep dive into tabloids, “women’s media,” and Jennifer Aniston. The personal practice of dancing every day. That famous Baby Shark viral video!


Listing three good things about your day before going to bed. Creddle, a free website that will make your resumé look faaancy. Putting goat cheese on basically any food to make it better. Affirmations for a better future from People I’ve Loved. Feeling your feelings.

This week, look for the magic. It’s everywhere.

Stay warm,